If you have a not ebook topic buzzing around in your brain, then you will want to get started!

You can create your ebook with MicroSoft Word if you have it, but there is also a free (and highly respected) word processor which you can download to create your document and PDF.

Click Here to Download OpenOffice

Simply create your document as you want the ebook to appear, and once it is saved, you will be able to export it in PDF format.  You will find the “Export As…” command under the File menu.

If you’re not sure how it all works, make a one page document now, save it as a document, and then Export it and see how the PDF looks.

Some Tips:

  • Use the formatting options (H1, H2, etc.) in OpenOffice to create headings, rather than simply choosing a larger font for your headline text. This will allow you to easily create a table of contents, and bookmarks for your PDF.
  • Use a size of 9″x5″ for your pages, as this makes them readable on various devices.
  • If you have affiliate links or other website links, create some clickable text rather than just inserting the link. It looks a lot nicer.

Leave page breaks and fiddly formatting for later, as text and images will move around as you add more information.

You will find more detailed information about formatting, including how to instantly create a table of contents, in “You Can Make An Ebook!“.

Enjoy your creation!

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