I created my You Can Make an Ebook! site before I thought of having a blog for it, but if I had thought of a blog first, I would have wanted to create the sales page on my blog.

Using your self hosted WordPress blog to create a sales page for your ebook is so much easier than messing around with HTML.

All you need to do is create a new Page in your blog.  Then you use the Edit Page facility to enter all the information you need.  If you are not sure what to write, read my blog post What To Write On Your Sales Page.

You can use the formatting options in WordPress to create headings, bullet points and a clickable payment link as well.

You can even use the HTML editing option to add a payment button which will take your buyer to the payment page.

You can watch an expert video which shows you how to do all this, below.  The page they create is very basic, but you can make yours a lot fancier simply by using more of the formatting features, adding images, and so on.

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9 Comments on How To Make A Sales Page On Your WordPress Blog

  1. Very interesting and appreciate the post Carol – you always come up with great info for others – thanks for sharing

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  2. Tammie Perry says:

    Great information, Carol. Thank you for making everything so easy to understand. I love your whole site.

  3. Great info Carol. So simple and we tend to complicate things… lol I’ll be putting the ideas you shared here to good use. Thanks.


  4. cre8ive1 says:

    Thanks Nancy, Tammie and Jane : )

  5. Xarah says:

    Very good info Carol, super video. Imagine, you can do this with every post you do. Add a buy button or link ;-)
    - Xarah

  6. Susan Boston says:

    Great blog I never even knew about this :) I may have to try it sometime lol I am not to techie at some things. Given enough time I can figure it out. LOL Wonderful information!


  7. David Foley says:

    Great post Carol. WordPress has come so far over the past years. You can do almost anything you want with a blog today. If you have a hosting account with cPanel, check to see if you have Fantastico. If you do, a new WordPress blog might be as easy as pushing a button. :- )

    • cre8ive1 says:

      hi David, nice that you stopped by… long time no hear. Yes, WordPress is awesome, my next site will be WP based